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20 September 2019 | St Hugo Blog

Getting to Know Grenache

As one of the original varieties planted in Australia, there are many vineyard sites, especially Barossa Valley with Grenache vines dating back to the late 1800s. These vines were thought to have originated from the south of France.

In recent years our team have recognised the beauty of the ripe, spicy and intense raspberry-scented characters that single-varietal Grenache can yield.

Australia is home to the oldest Grenache vineyards in the world with still productive vines dating back to 1850. Grenache has a long history as a workhorse red variety and was used extensively in fortified wine production. Single-varietal Grenache is currently extremely popular and the varietal also forms the backbone of classic red blends, partnering beautifully with Shiraz and Mourvedre, a.k.a. Monastrell and Mataro (GSM).

In the vineyard

Grenache is an early budding late ripening variety so is well suited to warmer zones. It is a vigorous variety that can yield prolifically. If over-cropped the wines can be simple and basic – keeping yields low results in higher quality, better-structured wines. Our Barossa Grenache is created from a single block of low yielding, 56-year-old Grenache vines which were selected specifically to make this special limited release wine. 


Given that it buds early and ripens late, Grenache is best suited to warmer Mediterranian climate regions like our Barossa region.


A Barossa Grenache shows classic varietal aromas of bright raspberry and spice, with a highly textured and focussed palate of great length and persistence. 


A wide range of qualities exist. Affordable, every day drinking wines through to classically structured, old vine examples like Our Limited Release Grenache

In The Glass - Style & Character

The palate exhibits darker berries, with a generous and sweetly fruited mid-palate, before tightening up its focus and delivering a well-textured, chalky finish. In the glass, Grenache presents as vibrant cherry red with bright purple rim.

Pairs With

Mushroom Risotto

Cellaring Tips

Medium-term, cellaring will be rewarded, however, the wine is also perfect for immediate enjoyment.

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St Hugo Blog
14 March 2019 | St Hugo Blog


We’re proud to announce the appointment of Peter Munro as the new Chief Winemaker at St Hugo. With more than 20 years of winemaking experience, Peter’s career has spanned some of the world’s most prominent wine regions including the Barossa Valley, Tasmania, Hawke’s Bay and Napa Valley. “My passion is to create outstanding fine wines that excite the palate, wines to be enjoyed and interpreted over time. A good wine should be an imaginative and poetic reflection of its origin. It’s an honour to join this incredible team of winemakers and I look forward to crafting wines for a brand that I’ve long admired.” Peter said. Peter will assume responsibility for the style and quality of St Hugo wines, wines respected for their character, power and elegance.

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