Sarah McIvor
1 June 2018 | Sarah McIvor

The Tradition of Cork


At St. Hugo we thrive on innovation, but we also believe there’s still a place for tradition, for theatre, and for the unmistakable palpability of uncorking a great wine. For we believe little comes close to the popping of a cork to savour the ensuing anticipation of what’s to come. That’s why, beyond the beautiful stone walls of our home in the Barossa Valley, are some of Australia’s only growing cork trees. Forty trees were planted by our founder’s son Colin Gramp in 1947, with the hope that one day cork could be used in estate grown, estate corked wine. “I took a risk and established 40 trees in the hope of making this one of, if not the only, cork producing wineries in Australia,” said Colin. Each tree is expected to yield only 600 -1200 corks; should the cork prove to be of high quality it’s envisaged that it will be used for a limited-edition Estate release. “There is a wonderful tradition in cork wine closures, and although screwcaps are a superior closure, we will not rule out crafting a special St. Hugo release under cork in the future.”



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