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A Heartbreaking Legacy

Considered thoughts and heartfelt emotions lovingly handwritten - a letter can convey so much. The last letter that Hugo Gramp ever sent his son Colin was formative and showed how their bond inspired one of our legacy wines. Colin was seventeen years old at boarding school, enjoying the usual afternoon tea with the boys in the common room when he heard on the four o’clock news that he had lost his father forever. Within hours of receiving this message, he received another, in the form of a parchment envelope. It was ‘The Last Letter’ from his father written the day before. Hugo was committed to ensuring Colin’s future in Australian winemaking industry. From father to son, he passed on the knowledge, the training and the relationships to ensure that the next generation would perpetuate a unique heritage and craftsmanship to create a better future for their family. The Last Letter Cabernet Sauvignon is an ongoing legacy that means the world to Colin: “I’m so chuffed that it honours my father’s life.”